A note from Mimi's husband
Mimi has always loved dogs for as far back as I can remember. She has extensive experience in dog behavior and training and has helped an endless number of clients, friends and other frustrated new dog owners with every thing from house training to obedience. But where she really shines is in the use of her artistic and design background along with her affinity for animals, to create some of the most exceptional grooming I've seen in this area in a very long, long time. She has been grooming dogs for over twenty years now, and founded Mimi LaBon's Grooming Salon in 1991. She has never looked back.
Charles E. Fort
Webmaster and Co-Owner
LaBon Enterprises
Mimi's Philisophy
In grooming dogs, I have found something that I have always loved. And, it is what I am passionate about. Our dogs bring so much unconditional love into our lives. We owe them our most tender loving care. When you bring your dog to my salon, they will be treated with gentleness, love and respect, which is what they deserve. You have my promise on that.
Since grooming should be an event that your beloved pet looks forward to, I believe that a calm, unrushed atmosphere is best. This is why I limit the number of pets in the salon to a small number per day. This ensures that your best friend is especially pampered, with the personal attention he or she deserves.
I am a firm believer that basic grooming is a necessary for the health of your pet. Keeping the coat clean and free of excessive matting, nails cut, and ears kept clean and free of hair, helps to promote health in your pet. I will pay very close attention to every aspect of your pet during the grooming process, as it is my job to be on the lookout for abnormalities such as a skin conditions, lumps, lesions, infection of the ears and much more. I will then bring them to your attention so that you can better communicate any concerns with your veterinarian, who can provide treatment should it be necessary.
I am here to serve you. My first priority is to provide the very best grooming and care for your dog that is possible. Nothing is more important to me than that!
Before grooming
After Grooming
Another satisfied customer. This Pomeranian gets the works. After a nice warm bath and sprucing up, he certainly looks much happier!
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