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Professional customized dog grooming in a caring stress-free atmosphere.    Welcome to Mimi's ! ! !
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All dogs receive gentle spa-like treatment at Mimi LaBon's Grooming Salon. Mimi provides a warm and loving environment for every pet that walks through her door. A warm soothing bath using the finest pet products, followed by expertise grooming, will surely leave your pet looking and feeling great!
  •   Full service dog grooming salon
  •   Master Groomer with over 25 years experience
  •   No tranquilizers used
  •   Breed Specific and Custom clips available
  •   Quiet relaxed setting

Tranquilizers are never used in my salon. Since most dogs tend to love the special attention that they receive here, cooperation is rarely a problem. However, in the case of difficult or nervous dogs, I believe that a lot of patience and gentle persuasion works best. Yes, it does take a bit longer to get the job done, but I believe that in the long run, it works out much better when you take that time to gain a dog's trust. In the many years that I've worked with, trained and groomed dogs, I have developed a keen sense of what is needed to gain this trust. It's extremely rewarding when I succeed. To receive trust form an otherwise reluctant pooch is one of the reasons that I love to do this work!

Why is it important to have my dog groomed regularly?

I believe basic grooming is necessary for the health of every dog. A clean coat, trims nails and clean ears, helps to promote the health of your pet. I pay very close attention to these things and more during your dog's grooming session. It 's my job to be on the lookout for any abnormalities such as skin irritations or infection of ears or eyes. I will bring them to your attention so that you can communicate these concerns to your veterinarian. He or she will determine if a condition exists and may prescribe treatment should it be necessary. By taking proper precautions by having your dog groomed regularly could help you to avoid many of these problems and the costs associated with them.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health is an excellent place to get a comprehensive look at how to care for your dog's health and well being at home. You'll learn information about when it is absolutely necessary to take your dog to the vet. I highly recommend this guide to my proactive grooming clients, or anyone who is a dog owner.

The book covers the most common problems that you may encounter if you do own a dog. Ailments like infection of the ear or eye can be extremely irritating and could develop into a very serious problem if not addressed. Learn what you can do now to prevent problems down the road. Other topics including chronic coughing, vomiting and diarrhea are also covered. Learn how behavioral changes in your dog can signify very serious problems and when it's time to seek help from the vet for them.

Also in The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health you will find in depth instructions on how to care for your dog's teeth and gums, the easiest way to administer medicine and even the best ways to groom your dog at home, saving you time and money between trips to the dog groomer. This comprehensive guide includes illustrations, diagrams and photographs, which makes it very easy to understand. I think it's an excellent tool to refer to if you own a dog.

Why is it important to train my dog?

Training your dog may be the most important thing you can do to insure the safety and well being of your dog.

Dog owners often over-look the importance of obedience training when it comes to their pet. This is a mistake. Take for instance; your dog sees and chases a ball towards the street. Now imagine that a car is approaching fast, with no ability to stop in time. It's a situation that could end in disaster! But, having obedience training already a natural part of your dog's life, and having the confidence in knowing what your dog's reaction to your command will be, could mean the difference between life and death! Call him back, he comes. It's really that simple. Catastrophe avoided.

A well-trained dog also adds joy to your life, and makes you and your dog's day-to-day experience easier and more fun. It's impressive to see a good dog that listens its owner even when other dogs and people are around.

Dog training is fun and easy. So remember to keep training sessions short and fun for your dog too. You'll be amazed by how quickly your dog responds to your positive reinforcement and praise!









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